As founders, you are pursuing your vision and mission to achieve impact in whichever manner you define it, including improving the lives of millions of consumers or changing the way people work in enterprises around the world. The dream is to build long-term independent companies.

What we have observed in deep sustained downturns, such as in 2000/2001 (globally), 2008/2009 (globally) and 2016/17 (in India), is that despite best efforts on all sides, companies sometimes start facing hard choices between sustaining independently at sub-scale levels of activity or merging with other entities.

We have outlined key actions items to undertake to increase the probability of good M&A options, should you choose to exercise it. We believe that these relationships and knowledge will stand you in good stead even if you do not choose to exercise this option.

Managing Through an M&A Process

Self-assessment/ Self-awareness and Timing

Strategic Relationships

Advisers/ Bankers

M&A Types and Considerations